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September 08, 2008

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How many hours of lost productivity is Sarah Palin responsible for? Admit it: whether you’re gloating or loathing, you’re getting precious else done.

I’m not going to let her take up another nanosecond of my neurons after this, but three bits to share:

* Normally I hate when people send me off to some video somewhere online, but this is an exception. Joe Biden ripping the Republicans a new one. The man is goddamned pissed off. Totally refreshing, especially if you feel like you’ve been living in an alternate universe these past weeks. Seriously, give yourself a two-minute present and watch it.

* Love this conservative talk show host in Boston. When he criticized Caribou Barbie’s parenting skills on air, his listeners trashed his inbox with haterade, as loyal Republican attack dogs feel they must. But the guy goes back through his old emails and finds the very same people who are now defending Bristol Palin unto death called the Gloucester girls bitches and ho’s. Hypocrites, hypocrites, hypocrites.

* Judith Warner, in the Times, The Mirrored Ceiling, nails the real problem:

“One of the worst poisons of the American political climate right now, the thing that time and again in recent years has led us to disaster, is the need people feel for leaders they can ‘relate’ to.”

Seriously. Why does the president have to be someone you feel comfortable having a beer with? You can’t find your own friends and leave him/her alone to run the fecking country? Try Craig’s List.

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