The Cirrrrrrrcle of Liiiiiiiiife

May 31, 2012

Filed in: The Home Front, The Way We Live Now

It’s probably wrong to conflate the launching of my firstborn, who graduates on Sunday from high school, with the closing down of the beloved Brain, Child Magazine, the place where I have both written for and gone to for emotional sustenance and, mostly, a good laugh over this long haul of raising a child in this day and age. But it’s my crazy head, and if the two events will forever be linked there, so be it.

I wrote about C in the first issue of the magazine, and nearly all the things I wrote in the ensuing years were somehow tied into questions I was wrestling with as he (and of course W) got older. Now both projects are winding down. Or up. Or away. Maybe unspooling is the word I’m looking for. Or, as I said in a previous post, now our lives are changing fast. Thank you Steph and Jen for being there for a good chunk of the journey.

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