Gloucester Girls: What To Expect the First Year

, Nov. 17, 2008

Teachers and staff at Gloucester High School have not been able to confirm the existence of a pact between students to become pregnant . . .and Principal Joseph Sullivan has [said] he does not recall who first suggested it.
Sullivan first told the Gloucester Daily Times the district was worried about a surging pregnancy rate in March; other officials have also made it clear that a number of the 18 girls who tested positive as being pregnant at Gloucester High this past school year became so intentionally, with the idea of being moms together — and raising the children together.

--Gloucester [Mass.] Daily Times, June 24, 2008

GLOUCESTER, Mass.—The alleged “pregnancy pact” at Gloucester High School today took a hit as one of the first girls to give birth refused to name her baby Jordan regardless of its gender, as the girls had reportedly agreed. Amanda S., 17, instead named her infant daughter Antonina Margherita Nicolina, after her Sicilian mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. “My Noni cut the cord, what can I say,” the teen said from her hospital bed. “It’s the least I could do. Plus she told me Jordan is a river from the bible. That’s kind of emo for me.”

GLOUCESTER, Mass.—The reputed “pregnancy pact” among expectant teens at Gloucester High is apparently fraying over their agreement to honor the environment by using only cloth diapers on their newborns’ bottoms. Late yesterday, shoppers at the CVS on West Main reported seeing the second girl to deliver, Toni D., 16, buying Cinnamon Mentos, Sizzlin’ Picante Doritos and 40-count pack of Pampers Swaddlers New Baby. Outside the store, Toni declined to comment but showed off to reporters a new recyclable shopping bag, free with purchase of a carton of Marlboro 100s.

GLOUCESTER, Mass.—New teen mother Michelle B., 17, this morning delivered another blow to the endangered “pregnancy pact” among Gloucester girls when she refused to breastfeed her infant son in the high school cafeteria, as the girls had reportedly agreed. Instead, Michelle spent Lunch Block B on the floor of the girls bathroom, helping her friend Nicole T. pick out a top for the upcoming Turkey Day Mixa while feeding her baby a bottle of soy formula. “I just don’t think her features are strong enough to pull off the deep jewel tones,” Michelle said. “She like, needs to deal with her eyebrow issues.”

GLOUCESTER, Mass.—Attachment parenting is the latest wedge issue coming between the so-called “pregnancy pact” girls from Gloucester High, according to several eye-witnesses from the city’s Lanesville district. Neighbors report that this weekend they overheard 18-year-old Erica M., her mother Rafaela and baby daddy Brandon, 20, each take turns comforting newborn Jordan Marie for long stretches into the night. Around 3 a.m., downstairs neighbor Stefania DeSantis, 57, told reporters, Erica put Jordan in her crib and “just let her cry”—a clear repudiation of pact rules. DeSantis considered calling 911, “but then the baby just stopped crying, went right to sleep,” she reports. “She slept six hours. Who knew?”

BOSTON, Mass.—The commitment of the “pregnancy pact” Gloucester girls to the sustainable free-trade rights of indigenous women disintegrated last night when Brianna M., 17, was spotted at the Boston-New York baseball game at Fenway park with her son Jordan Joseph dressed a Yankees Suck onesie that was made in China. “I’ll tell you what’s not sustainable,” Brianna said when confronted by a reporter. “Dustin Pedroia leaving three guys on in the bottom of the seventh. That’s not sustainable.”

GLOUCESTER, Mass.— Mayor Carolyn Kirk today admitted to a room packed with reporters from around the country that the so-called “pregnancy pact” among the city’s 18 new teen mothers has been irretrievably sundered. “It’s sad, really,” she said with emotion in her voice. “It’s almost as if they never had a pact to begin with, as if they were each their own person right from the outset.”